Cartoon thought bubble from Garfield reading 'Garfield+'
Garfield+ is a general improvement mod
for Garfield (2004),
to celebrate the 20th anniversary of
the game!
Garfield reclining and holding a video game controller
Pre-launch configuration dialog showing display options
Windows 11 compatibility! High resolution 4:3 borderless window support!
Modern Xbox controller support and updated UI! Less terrible music and sound effects!
Garfield title screen, showing a comic panel overlaid with 'Press A' Garfield sitting on a couch, with a thought bubble reading '?' Garfield overlaid with new UI and instructions on saving the game
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Garfield+ is a fan mod created as a labor of love,
and is not affiliated with Paws, Inc.
"Garfield" and Garfield characters is TM (™) and
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