waving pride flag on a flagpole about me
photo of clue holding an arcade marquee for 'beatmania iidx dj troopers'
hi! my name is evan clue. but most people just call me 'clue'. yellow smiley face tilting back and forth
pencil drawing a yellow smiley face i've been making art ever since i can remember.
i really like computers, and other weird gadgets! '90s-era computer and keyboard spinning around
so, from a young age, i got into making art using computers!
pikachu balancing atop a tilting poke-ball i love graphic design and video production. but i'm always experimenting with different art forms!
y2k art is very inspiring to me.
i love music, and i love to dance.
i also love arcade games, and cabs!
PUMP IT UP is my favorite thing in the world!
photo of clue showing a peace sign, standing in front of several arcade cabinets
line with the colors of the rainbow moving across